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What you need to know about power plugs.

Making the connection. Wires and plugs explained.

   So you are buying a new lipo battery pack and your using deans plugs now, so you'll just get some new 4S lipo packs with the same plugs. Right? Wrong! Well, "watts" (pun intended) really at stake here. Just for those that don't already know this, DC "power" is measured in watts. Volts(v) multiplied by amps(A) = watts(w). Let's do a really simple example. Say you are running a 2s pack, the voltage of the pack is at 8 volts, and the motor is drawing 10 amps. The power is 8(v) X 10(a) = 80(w) watts. Now, you need to understand that all power plugs have a limit of how much "power" they can handle. As they reach their limit, the electrons flowing through the plug get pushed back by resistance. This resistance causes the plug to get hotter and hotter until the plug literally melts. Actually what happens in most cases is the housing of the plug melts to the point where the battery connection breaks. I have seen several instances of deans style plugs being used in 4wd 1/8th scale vehicles and the plugs get so hot that one of the pins actually melt into the housing to the point the battery stops working. Most manufacturers don't have either a power rating or even an amp rating. I personally would love to see a maximum watt rating for plugs as it takes into consideration the voltage going through it.

So now let's take a real world look at a couple of different vehicles here to see why plug choice is so important.

   First: we have an average setup 4wd 1/8th scale truggy. The battery is fully charged at 16.8 volts. It would be reasionable to say that the average run time for a 4S 6000 mah pack in this class is probably about 10 minutes. Dividing the capacity (6000 mah) over 1/6th of an hour (10 minutes) you can ascertain that the average amp draw is somewhere around 36 amps. Now we'll take the voltage of a fully charged pack and multiply it by the average amp draw to find the power going through the plug. 16.8(v) X 36(a) = 605 watts.

   Now we'll take a 2wd buggy say with a 17.5 motor and a 2S pack at 8.4 volts. The average run time on a 6000 mah pack in this vehicle is probably somewhere around 20 minutes. Doing the math we get 8.4(v) X 18(a) = 151 watts.

   That's less than 1/4th of the power being drawn through the 4wd truggy! A dramatic difference, yet some racers will still use the same plug for both vehicles! You must consider the application of intended use in order to choose the right plug!

    In ALL 1/8th scale applications, I strongly urge you to use an EC5 plug or other round tube 5mm or larger connector. I like the EC5 plugs as they are polarized to prevent shorting out the speed control.

And finally about wire size..

   Just like the wiring in your house the size of the wire is extremely important! The last and often most overlooked part of the battery pack is the wire size being used. In the good old days of RC racing 14 gauge wire was the norm. As battery technology progressed into higher capacity and discharge rates 12 gauge wire soon became the norm. 14 gauge wire was then used in "sport" quality batteries. Nowadays, with the ever increasing power demands of brushless motors and speed controls, the switch to 10 gauge wire is becoming increasingly necessary, especially in the classes where "big horsepower" is being utilized. All of our 4S packs now come with 10 gauge wire as well as many of the new IP V9 packs. Bigger wire = less voltage loss under load. This means more power at the wheels. When it comes to batteries, we understand exactly what it takes to be at the top of your game.

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