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Pro-Match Racing Lipo Instructions

We want our customers to get long life and great performance out of these Li-po packs, We want to also make sure the customer has the knowledge to safely and properly maintain them. Please follow these instructions every time!

Disclaimer: Use of these Lithium Polymer batteries is done COMPLETELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Due to the potential hazards of using
Lithium batteries, we will not be held responsible for any physical damage to any property or any personal injury caused by use, whether proper or otherwise, of these packs. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO USE BY THEMSELVES!

Use of this pack constitutes an agreement with these terms.

Please read these instructions carefully and make sure you fully understand them before using this battery pack!
A note about Pack Swelling: This is often looked at by the consumer as a defect. The fact is, ALL lipo cells will swell up to some degree over time. There are many variables that can increase the risk and severity of swelling and cause premature pack failure. You MUST follow ALL of these instructions to prolong the life of these packs and keep the warranty intact. It only takes ONE instance of improper use to cause damage to a lipo pack. Nearly all issues are caused by improper use and can easily be avoided by consistently following our list of do’s and don’ts shown below. A slight amount swelling of the pack over time is a normal part of pack wear and is NOT covered under our 1 year warranty. This is a rare event as we test ALL packs prior to sale to insure their integrity. In any event when submitting a warranty claim to Pro-Match Racing, we will make the final determination that a manufacturers defect exists.
Please read the warranty page on our web site for further details.

To keep your packs in top shape, and maintain the warranty here is a list of do's and don’ts you MUST follow with these Li-po packs.


1. It is important to understand to achieve good performance and lower the risk of pack swelling, these packs should be “run” at moderate temperatures between 70-90 degrees F. Lower temps ( less than 70 degrees F ) inhibits performance because it raises the internal resistance, and higher temps (above 90 degrees F) increases the risk of cells swelling. When running the packs in extreme weather conditions, you should keep the packs in this temeperature range right up until and then immediately after use.
2. Within 24 hours after use, you must put the pack in “storage mode” by charging or discharging the pack as needed to obtain a storage level of 3.8 volts per cell. Some chargers have this feature built in and it will automatically put the pack at the proper voltage level*
3. Make sure your speed control's Li-po cutoff voltage set to at least 3.4 volts per cell. DO NOT ASSUME THE SPEED CONTROLS
FACTORY SETTING IS CORRECT! Only use these packs with speed controls that have Lipo-cutoff circuitry!
4. Make sure you are using a charger designed specifically for Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) cells. Always balance charge for longest pack life.
5. Although not absolutely necessary it is a good idea to perform a temperature check* of the pack immediately before, and then again right after use to make sure the "temperature rise" is within the safe limits of the pack.
6. Always check the polarity of plug-in packs! Plugging a pack in backwards will destroy your speed control and damage the pack!
7. Always check the cell count of your charger before starting it. Charging a 2S pack on a 3S or 4S setting will cause a fire!
8. Always keep the plugs and tubes of “plug-in” packs clean. A poor connection will cause excessive heat and could melt the plastic case!
9. Always charge and store your li-po packs in a fire resistant lipo bag.


1. Don’t ever allow the pack to remain fully charged for more than 24 hours. This is especially important during warm weather!
2. Don’t ever allow the voltage in the pack to drop below 3.0 volts per cell! IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THIS NEVER HAPPENS!
3. Don’t set the charge termination voltage higher than 4.2 volts. This will void the warranty!
4. Don’t use the pack if it swells excessively, the case separates, or the pack is physically damaged.
5. Don’t pull on, twist, or excessively bend, the power wires or balance wires. The wires can break off inside the case rendering the pack useless.
6. Don’t expose this pack to direct sunlight. The black case absorbs heat! This is especially important in summer!
7. Don’t exceed the recommended charge limit of 2C (3C on 90-100C rated packs). We recommend a 1C charge rate for maximum pack life.
8. Don’t leave this pack unattended while charging! Unplug pack from speed control after use to avoid over-discharging!
For racers who want to maximize performance you can lower internal resistance by discharging the pack from a storage level (3.8 volts per cell) at 25-30 amps down to 3.2 volts per cell. Then immediately recharge at max recommended charge rate for the pack until fully charged. This lowers the internal resistance of the pack and gives it more punch. But NEVER exceed the maximum recommended charge rate!

*Weekly Storage: Store the packs in a cool dry invironment below 75 degrees F. This reduces the elf discharge of the pack for long term storage. However you should allow the packs to warm back up to at least 70 degrees F again before charging them to obtain good performance!

*Please remember that the harder you work a battery, the shorter the cycle life will be. There will also be a greater the risk of cells "swelling". One way to tell if you are “over-stressing” the battery is to check the temperature of the battery pack with an IR temp meter right before, and then again immediately after a race/run. If the temperature difference of the battery is greater than 30° F. higher than when you started, you will see reduced pack life. The greater the temperature difference, the shorter the overall lifespan (# of cycles) will be.

Understanding the “Test” label information.

The label that comes with your pack shows the voltage (cell #voltage) of each individual cell in the pack and the (IR) internal resistance of each cell in the pack as well as the date the test was performed. We cycle every pack by discharging first at (5C) to 3.2 volts per cell and then immediately recharging it at (2C) back up to storage level (3.80-3.85 volts/cell) and then the readings are taken using a series resistance meter. During this time, the voltage of each cell is checked for differences to each other to insure the integrity and consistency of the pack. We do this to insure the pack is completely free of any defects at the time of shipping.

High quality

We provide the highest quality Lipo packs at prices that can't be beat. Don't be fooled by lower prices and high shipping.

Fast Delivery

We process orders fast! Over 95% of orders placed are shipped within 24 hours! Many orders ship the same day! Since we use USPS Priority Mail most orders are delivered in four working days

Email support

Our preferred method of answering most questions is through email. We endeavor to answer emails within 24 hours. We realize that some questions require a live person so in that event feel free to contact the number below.

30 Day Returns

30 day satisfaction guarantee return policy* NO RMA#S, NO RESTOCKING FEES, NO HASSLES!
1 year warranty on all of our Lipo packs. Please read our warranty page for details.

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